Monday, November 29, 2010

Snow Day

We had snow yesterday - apparently the first time in 17 years we've had snow in November - or so Ryan keeps telling me. The kids are in their element though they only went out yesterday in 5-10 minute bursts because of the cold. And today, although most of it's melted away we have an official snow day off school. The Manx government have decided that it's too dangerous for the kids to go to school due to ice so I've got 2 school kids at home... playing the Wii in their bedrooms? Go figure. Apparently it's too cold to go outside. Cue mummy going round all day with the stories of how we had to go to school in snow worse than this, feeling like lemons cos my mum made us wear hat, scarf, gloves and moon boots.

Saying that - it was good to see Ryan out playing snowball fights with his dad - even if they did start throwing them at the living room window to see what Jonathan and I would do (maybe I shouldn't have kept pulling faces and sticking my tongue out at them!!!)

And now I have the house to myself - sort off. Jessica's down for her nap and the other 3 have gone out with their dad and some friends to the local park to see if there's enough snow up there to make a snowman (or woman). And I have big plans! Telly's off, CD is on and the wool is out! I put my name down for a Secret Santa swap on UKHippy - £5 limit for a present and of course I thought I'd have plenty of time to crochet a few things. Now what with Yule and Christmas fast approaching I'm starting to panic. Cards need to be completed, dolls need to be finished for Yule and lists need to be scanned and ordered for Christmas. And as usual I'm going round saying that things will be different next year cos I WILL start making things in January. Saying that, Rebecca's doll was meant to be her birthday gift last year. Ryan's footballer was for his birthday in June (not my fault - the local habidashery ran out of stuffing) and I did start my cards in February (a few toppers to finish off but I still need to order the actual cardstock to stick them onto!!!)

All I can say is that it's a good job being a Pagan living in a house full of Christians - I get 2 chances at New Years resolutions - who knows I may even be able to keep a few in 2011!!!

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