Saturday, September 4, 2010

Suppose I'd better introduce myself properly then...

I am a wanna-be earth mother. I wouldn’t go the whole hog and say I’m a fully fIedged earth mother cos I tend to fail at it more times than I succeed but the intention is there. I'm mum to 4 wonderful kids, Ryan, Rebecca (Beccabird), Jonathan and my newest babsy Jessica aka DaisyBelle who are my entire world. I've been with my other half since 1999 and would be lost with out him (just don't tell him that or he'll start thinking I like him!) We used to own and run our own craft shop where I would spend all my time creating wondorous works of art in the form of greetings cards, scrapbook pages and jewellery - I basically lived the ultimate 5 year old's dream - colouring in, cutting things out and making things everyday. Now I'm a stay at home mum, trying to raise my children to respect and look after our planet and to be independant, free-thinking human beings - all in the hope that they won't need too much therapy when they're all older!!! When I was pregnant with Ryan I had it all figured out - I’d be a proud member of the breast-feeding, cloth bum brigade - that went out the window fairly quickly after weeks of crying, screaming and bawling (most of which I have to admit came from me!) But as I said the intention is still there. I

I’m trying to bring my children up to have a childhood much like I had - one where the good times and memories outweigh the bad. I want them to grow as children should, to have a childhood that lasts as long as possible rather than as most kids seem to be these days - mini-teenagers way before their time. I want them to learn how to use their imaginations rather than concentrating on all the paraphernalia that is out there for children their ages these days. I have to admit that I may have been way too romantic in my plans and it doesn’t help having a techno boff as my other half who believes that technology and their ability to use it is what’s more important. But I’ve said it once and I’ll probably keep repeating it again and again - the dream is there - and I WILL succeed!

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